If vehicle systems or components fail they have to be repaired.  FWW Fahrzeugwerk is very competent in repairing of vehicle systems and components. Based on a large stock of spare parts FWW can assure very short turn-around times for the items to be repaired. Therefore the down times for the customers products are minimized and the system will be back in operation earlier. All services can be performed at our facilities or worldwide at the customers location.

Following are some examples of systems which are repaired by FWW:

Vehicle systems:

  • APC Fox and M113 FOV
  • Reconnaissance vehicle Fennek
  • IFV Marder
  • Allterrain vehicle BV206 (SUSV)
  • Weapon carrier Wiesel
  • Hunting tank Kürassier
  • numerous other wheeled and tracked vehicles



  • Engines and transmissions
  • Steering cylinders
  • personnel heaters
  • Fiber glass covers
  • road wheels and road wheel arms
  • pumps and valves
  • weapon systems
  • numerous other components


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